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    Lucky as she is know by her friends, seemed to have run out of luck. She was selling booze to the other girls of the school, and had
    finally been caught by the headmistress. The headmistress felt that flogging would be an appropriate punishment, and thus it commenced.

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    Lea had left the school several weeks ago, in essence running away. She was found by the headmaster, on the side of the street,
    selling her body to the highest bidder. He brought her to the school, ready to whip her for the blatant disobedience.

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    Courtesy of
    Girl in the school seem to refuse to do as they are told. Larar has been a model student when she first entered the school,
    but now things were much different. She seemed to be going towards a downward spiral. The headmaster then felt it was proper
    to send some intimate time with the student.

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    Courtesy of
    Francisca was typically a good student, though she had an affinity towards hard drugs. She would constantly sneak out the school
    and hid out in the boys school, doing coke, and giving blowjobs. This was obviously not going to be tolerated. She was told to
    appear for through instruction. She was bent over, with her large soft ass, naked to the hard blows. Eventually her ass was as
    red as her hair, meaning to us that she was done.

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    Courtesy of
    The headmaster sometimes doubles as the doctor of the school, were he performs humanitarian efforts.
    Despite the sometimes unfortunate times, he still has to perform his duties as punisher of the school.
    Arianie had been found in a risque outfit, posing for a chatroom she had created.

    The headmaster immediately sent for her, and in the schools hospital, he immediately punished her.
    He had her place her legs up, exposing her pink pussy o his black paddle. He struck it viciously, causing her to scream in pain.
    He did this to make sure she would associate pain with sexual desire. He knew she would cease this sleazy behavior.

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    Courtesy of
    Adriana knew she had done something wrong by stealing from her classmates, and turned herself in for proper punishment.
    The headmistress admired her honesty, but knew that she was really just vying for sexual contact. She had a record
    of turning herself in all in a desperate pursuit of physical pleasure brought on by harsh corporal punishment.

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    Courtesy of
    Some are able to control there sexual urges, but some like Anna find it impossible.
    This is why she was brought to our wooden contraption, bound to it, with her ass exposed.
    She cried for mercy and help, but no one was going to stop the brutal paddling that was occurring.

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    Courtesy of
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